Friday, July 27, 2007


The trip to Toronto, St Catharines & Buffalo earlier this month was really excellent save for the border crossing. On July 9th, caught the better part of The Scream Literary Festival mainstage with Anne Davison -- we left John Lavery at my aunt & uncle's place. Afterwards, I met in the person for the first time many that I have been corresponding with for some time.

In St Catharines at the Grey Borders Reading Series, Gregory Betts read several Lawren Harris poems in between sets. Before the reading over dinner we were discussing the notion of the avant-garde. Greg's argument being that it has traditionally been centred around the idea of progress; the idea that revolutionary change is necessary & important, a theme that identifies avant-gardists be they surrealists, situationists or Lawren Harris...

Speaking of apples: Jordan Fry read a Jonathan Ball poem with mention of apples -- during the open set after we'd read a piece having to do with apples as part of the Max Middle Sound Project performance that evening. The next day after we saw Anne Davison off on the bus, John Lavery & I went to a graveyard that was the site of the first apple orchard planted in the Niagara region by a man by the name of MacMickley. It was thanks to Andrew at the Niagara Falls Public Library that we were informed of the existence of such a site.

Upon returning to Ottawa, I attended Monty Reid's birthday party, which was a blast. A highlight was hearing Monty & John Lavery play Gordon Lightfoot's 'Early Morning Rain' on guitars.

I've been very busy & largely offline since returning from the trip earlier this month; means I haven't been the best correspondent or blogger.

Heard about bill bissett being sampled by The Chemical Brothers on their latest album? bill's contribution has been widely noted in the international media. I saw one article from India. Here's a link for one from New Zealand:

Hoping the Holy Beep fundraiser went off well in Calgary. I've yet to hear any reports about it or Messagio Galore take III, the latter which took place in Calgary with readers, jwcurryPeter Norman, Ross Priddle & Laurie Fuhr. How did it go? I'm off blissfully in the middle of nowhere so haven't been paying much attention to things internet.

Photos by John W. MacDonald from take II:

Anybody know anything about sound poetry ensembles active in the United States today? I was fortunate enough to see a scaled down version of Buffluxus, consisting of Don Metz & Michael Basinski, in Buffalo on July 12th.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Max Middle Sound Project in the Grey Borders Reading Series -- St Catharines 10 July 2007

The only photos I during the week's road trip, 9-13 July, to Toronto, St. Catharines & Buffalo were at Grey Borders host/organizer Gregory Betts' house after the reading late at night.

Where I [& apparently Gregory Betts too] thought the brain had Brendan.

Anne Davison at the Grey Borders Reading Series, 10 July 07.
Photo: Gregory Betts

John Lavery reading as part of the Max Middle Sound Project in the Grey Borders Reading Series, 10 July 07.
Photo: Gregory Betts

Max Middle reading as part of the Max Middle Sound Project in the Grey Borders Reading Series, 10 July 07.
Photo: Gregory Betts

Gregory Betts & TV screen figure.

John Lavery & Anne Davison

John Lavery

Jordan Fry, founder of the Grey Borders Reading Series

Holy Beep!! [tomorrow in Calgary]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

crossing the border

i dont what to say abt the border crossing... i was mistaken for a criminal... it was very scary... i dont like the idea of borders... especially the one between canada and us... me no nationalist... i just happen to live on this beautiful turtle island of a continent... we're so lucky... we suffer... something about turtle island shields us somehow.... citizen of planet earth i am.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Readings in St Catharines July 10th & Buffalo July 12th

Thanks to the gracious organizational efforts of Gregory Betts & kevin thurston & with a Tree Reading Series performance on June 26th behind us, we [the Max Middle Sound Project] are preparing for a couple readings next week, one in St Catharines & one in Buffalo. It looks like John Lavery & I will be representing a truncated Sound Project. We're hoping Anne Davison might be able to join us. In any event, such a format will allow John & I to give individual readings from our respective work. If you happen to be able to attend one of those readings, it'd be excellent to talk to you during the course of the evening. & hey, if you're in Toronto for the Scream Literary Festival's mainstage event on Monday evening, we'll be there. Hope to talk to you then. Very much looking forward to reading with Alexandra Leggat, Michael Basinski & Don Metz.


Grey Borders Reading Series
10 July 2007

John Lavery, Alexandra Leggat & the Max Middle Sound Project at the Grey Borders Reading Series, the Merchant Ale House, St. Catharines, Ontario, 7:30pm,10 July 2007

Grey Borders on the web:

more info: Gregory Betts <>

Venue details:
The Merchant Ale House
98 St. Paul Street
St. Catharines

Buffalo, NY, 12 July 2007

Readings by:

Michael Basinski, Don Metz, John Lavery & the Max Middle Sound Project at Rust Belt Books hosted by kevin thurston, 7pm, 12 July 2007

more info: kevin thurston <>

Venue details:
Rust Belt Books
202 Allen St
Buffalo, NY 14201
(716) 885-9535