Monday, January 08, 2007


Subscription to the Puddle leaflet series for 2007 is $15 (outside Canada, $15 in US funds). This year, I've been publishing one or more leaflets per month; mailings take place at quarterly intervals. For a complete set of 2006 Puddle leaflets, please send $10 (outside Canada, $10 in US funds).

To order a subscription, post your coordinates and cheque payable to Max Middle to the following address:

Max Middle
c/o Piperhill,
#377 - 532 Montreal Rd,
Ottawa, ON Canada
K1K 4R4

2007 PUDDLE LEAFLETS (as of May)

'i never', 'oneontafigs' & 'gottobehuman' by Donna Kuhn (California)

#15 'if it', 'BRUCE MCKINNON IN MEMORY' & 'OLD MCDONALD HAD A LOVE' by Adam Seelig (Toronto)

#14 'Thought Though' by Nico Vassilakis (Seattle)

#13 'AT TA : Rudiments' by Max Middle (Ottawa)

#12 'Glitch 8 and 10' by Jesse Ferguson (Fredericton)

#11 'ATOB' and 'ATOB3' by Gary Barwin (Hamilton)

#10 ‘Somewhere On A Saskatchewan-North Dakota Highway (Two) – The Atlas E Missile Complex’ by Sandra Ridley (Ottawa)

#9 ‘he’ and ‘his’ by Gregory Betts (St Catharines)


#8 'Practicing my Signature' and 'Storm' by Jonathan Ball (Calgary)

#7 'Poem with Vowel Music (Strung Too Tight) Sprung' (source text Lord
Alfred Tennyson, 'To a Lady Sleeping') and 'Poem with Eroded Edges'
(source text Sir Walter Raleigh, 'Epitaph') by Irving Weiss (Dix
Hills, NY)

#6 'Neee' by John M. Bennett (Columbus, OH)

#5 'Continua 12-12' by Chris Turnbull (Kemptville, ON)

#4 'practice preach' by Sheila Murphy (Phoenix)

#3 'flatland #21' by derek beaulieu (Calgary)

#2 'Moon Potatoes' by Max Middle (Ottawa)

#1 'Two One Line Poems' by Max Middle (Ottawa)

Submissions welcome year round:

Max Middle
c/o Piperhill,
#377 - 532 Montreal Rd,
Ottawa, ON Canada
K1K 4R4

613 859 8423

Visit the Griddle Grin Publications table at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, 16 June 2007, Jack Purcell Community Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

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