Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Notes on a Max Middle Sound Project performance (5 November 2006, Dusty Owl Reading Series)

It's been a while since the Max Middle Sound Project performance as part of the Dusty Owl Reading Series. There's been time to debrief, self-critique & reflect. Part of the reason why these performances have worked so well is the way in which the pieces are organized: the patterned sequences linking one piece to another. On November 5th, the uncanny shift was the one that occurred between 'Moon Potatoes' & 'Againful Deployment' (latter by jwcurry).

What we read in the end, in order (authored by me, unless otherwise noted):

1. Announcement of a previous performance
2. Cottage Sestina
3. A Text for One Voice
4. A Text for Four Voices
5. Run Scrummee
6. Vegetables ('found' texts)
7. Moon Potatoes
8. Againful Deployment a sound poem for an assembly line of voicings (jwcurry)
9. Fortune Cookies (fortune cookies - purchased)
10. Zedders
11. Throat drone (conceived/executed by the performers)
12. Mother Hubbard (S.C.M.)
13. Flowers and Seasons (anonymous)
14. The Progress of Egarag Hguanavak

An intense series of readings, it took us around 45 mins to complete. It was a vocal performance, no instruments, & literary rather than musical. We performed a bunch of multi-voice sound poetry pieces including 'Againful Deployment' by jwcurry, as well as some found text. We read our fortunes & ate the cookies too!!

This performance was an astonishing accomplishment which could not have been executed without the excellent performers, Baird McNeill, Jason Sonier & Anne Davison. Everyone read extremely well. With their permission, I'll eventually post a recording or two from the event to my web site.

At the end of the performance, I performed 'The Progress of Egarag Hguanavak' which is simply Kavanaugh Garage spelt backwards. It's a structured sound poetry improvisation where the reader fights to turn the phrase around, from nonsense towards sense, the sense in this case is ironically 'Kavanaugh Garage.' There's another recording of me reading it at
www.maxmiddle.com/files. Once I fought my way into the 'sense' of Kavanaugh Garage & started chanting it, the others joined, following Anne's lead; suddenly, we were all chanting 'Kavanaugh Garage', amazingly, waving our hands about as tho we were part of some crazed hip hop performance.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bruce Andrews clip from TV (& link for PREHAB)

couple of things very much worth seeing from Bruce Andrews:

PREHAB, a collaboration between poet Bruce Andrews & graphic designer Dirk Rowntree tiny phrases/poems made into a video sequence of typographical
mystery & magic. Now up on the invaluable Ubu.com site:


& Bruce Andrews 2 weeks ago on the Bill O'Reilly Report on Fox News:


Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Sound Files at www.maxmiddle.com

i put some new sound files up on the web site - the most recent being 'The Progress of Egarag Hguanavak'

* who is Egarag anyway? * any guesses?

also recently updated the vispo page on the web site.