Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm preparing the program for the Max Middle Sound Project performance at the Dusty Owl. This show will involve many voices sounding poetry scores written by yrs truly & others. To find out more y'll just have to head over to the Owl in its Swizzles home on November 5th at 5pm.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

photo John W. MacDonald

Jason Sonier, Anne Davison & Max Middle performing at Ottawa's Lumiere Festival
12 August 2006


The Max Middle Sound Project

Dusty Owl Reading Series

Sunday November 5th at 5pm

Swizzles Bar & Grill
246-b Queen Street
below the Green Papaya Restaurant
(down the stairs under the green awning)

with Anne Davison, Baird McNeil, Max Middle, & Jason Sonier

& friends!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The New Wolves

It's been a month since
the wolves descended from airplanes
on bubbles and blew out the moon;
casting tracks filled by glass soldiers,
lit up, on blocks:
sentinels, silent at dusk.
The children are on the lake
to rouse kites to stillness
and the sound is slowly familiar
from a collapsed anteroom.
When they ride saddle less
with the full moon at dawn,
the spiders will awaken
as puppets strung in new suits
attending a ventriloquist's voice.

I've recently started publishing the Puddle leaflets series under the Griddle Grin imprint.

Puddle leaflets published to date are:

#1 Two One Line Poems by Max Middle

#2 Moon Potatoes by Max Middle

#3 flatland #21 by derek beaulieu

#4 practice preach by Sheila Murphy

#5 Continua 12-12 by Chris Turnbull

#6 Neee by John M. Bennett

#7 Poem with Vowel Music (Strung Too Tight) Sprung (Lord Alfred Tennyson, "To a Lady Sleeping")
and Poem with Eroded Edges (Sir Walter Raleigh, "Epitaph") by Irving Weiss

Puddle leaflet series

Call for Submissions

Ideally seeking combinations of verse & visual poetry (yes... in whatever form such combinations may occur). Submissions of work resembling simply either ‘linear’ or visual poetry are also welcome!

Printing format: one sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper, one or both sides, black & white.

Please email poetry in the body of message or as .jpg, .doc, .wpd to . Mail to: Griddle Grin, 377, 532 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 4R4

Ordering Information

For sample copies of Puddle leaflets published to date, in Canada send an SASE, 8.5 x 11" sized envelope with $1.05 postage & abroad send $3 in Canadian funds payable to Max Middle, Griddle Grin, 377, 532 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 4R4

Donations welcome.

Subscription to be announced soon.